Esther Hänggi

I am a lecturer and researcher at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts working on cyber security and cryptography, with a special focus on quantum cryptography. More details are on my professional homepage.

Before my current position, I was a security engineer at Ergon Airlock and a security analyst at cnlab security ag.
Even earlier, I was a research fellow in Stephanie Wehner's group at the Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore and a doctoral student in Stefan Wolf's group at ETH Zurich, working in the area of quantum information and cryptography.
Here is a link to my Linkedin profile. Some of my academic publications are listed below.

  • Fast single-photon detectors and real-time key distillation enable high secret-key-rate quantum key distribution systems,
    with Fadri Grünenfelder, Alberto Boaron, Giovanni V. Resta, Matthieu Perrenoud, Davide Rusca, Claudio Barreiro, Raphaël Houlmann, Rebecka Sax, Lorenzo Stasi, Sylvain El-Khoury, Nico Bosshard, Félix Bussières, and Hugo Zbinden,
    Nature Photonics, 2023. Link
    Available at arXiv:2210.16126.
  • Privacy amplification with Python,
    with Iyán Méndez Veiga,
    Poster presented at QIP 2023, 2023.
    Available at zenodo 7813780.
  • A structured survey of quantum computing for the financial industry,
    with Franco D. Albareti, Thomas Ankenbrand, Denis Bieri, Damian Lötscher, Stefan Stettler, and Marcel Schöngens,
    arXiv preprint, 2022.
    Available at arXiv:2204.10026.
  • Fast privacy amplification on GPUs,
    with Nico Bosshard, Roland Christen, and Jörg Hofstetter,
    Poster presented at QIP 2021, 2021.
    Available at zenodo 4551775.
  • Secure bit commitment from relativistic constraints,
    with Jędrzej Kaniewski, Marco Tomamichel, and Stephanie Wehner,
    Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on Vol. 59 , Issue: 7 , 2013. Link
    Presented at QCRYPT 2012, 2012.
    Available at arXiv:1206.1740.
  • A violation of the uncertainty principle implies a violation of the second law of thermodynamics,
    with Stephanie Wehner,
    Nature Communications 4, 1670, 2013. Link
    See here for an article in the New Scientist on this.
    Available at arXiv:1205.6894.
  • The link between entropic uncertainty and nonlocality,
    with Marco Tomamichel,
    J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 46 055301, 2013. Link
    Presented at QIP 2012, 2011. The video of the talk is available here.
    Available at arXiv:1108.5349.
  • The impossibility of non-signaling privacy amplification,
    with Renato Renner, and Stefan Wolf,
    Theor. Comput. Sci. Vol. 486, pp 27-42, 2013. Link
    Available at arXiv:0906.4760.
  • Towards the impossibility of non-signalling privacy amplification from time-like ordering constraints,
    with Rotem Arnon Friedman, and Amnon Ta-Shma,
    arXiv preprint, 2012.
    Available at arXiv:1205.3736.
  • Non-locality is transitive,
    with Sandro Coretti, and Stefan Wolf,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 107 100402, 2011. Link
    See here for an article on this result on the CQT homepage.
    Available at arXiv:1102.5685.
  • Tight bounds for classical and quantum coin flipping,
    with Jürg Wullschleger,
    Proceedings of Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC), 2011. Link
    Available at arXiv:1009.4741.
  • Device-independent quantum key distribution,
    Doctoral thesis, ETH Zurich, 2010. Link
    This thesis received the ETH medal for an outstanding doctoral thesis.
    Available at arXiv:1012.3878.
  • Device-independent quantum key distribution with commuting measurements,
    with Renato Renner,
    arXiv preprint, 2010.
    See here for a talk about this result at Perimeter Institute.
    Available at arXiv:1009.1833.
  • The non-locality of n noisy Popescu-Rohrlich boxes,
    with Matthias Fitzi, Valerio Scarani, and Stefan Wolf,
    J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 43 465305, 2010. Link
    Highlights of 2010 Collection.
    Presented at Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC 2008), 2008, under the title 'How non-local are n noisy Popescu-Rohrlich machines?'. Link
    Available at arXiv:0811.1649.
  • Efficient device-independent quantum key distribution,
    with Renato Renner, and Stefan Wolf,
    Proceedings of Advances in Cryptology - EUROCRYPT, 2010. Link
    Also available at arXiv:0911.4171, under the title 'Quantum cryptography based solely on Bell's theorem'.
  • Classical, quantum and non-signalling resources in bipartite games,
    with Gilles Brassard, Anne Broadbent, André Méthot, and Stefan Wolf,
    Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Quantum, Nano and Micro Technologies (ICQNM 2008), 2008. Link
  • Neutrino masses in grand unified theories,
    Master Thesis, EPF Lausanne, 2005.